I’m guessing I should update my about page; when I started doing this I was going to post pretty pictures and an talk about my experiences in photography.  Obviously the blog has gone in a different direction.  I have been posting about things that are a little more familiar to me.  Technology. So you got an idea where I am coming from…

I did start young in electronics, building my own guitar amp at the age of 13 (back when RadioShack actually sold electronic stuff).   I was fortunate to be around people who taught me electronic theory before I got out of high school and joined the Marines.  During my 15 years in the Marines I watched technology grow; I started as a Teletype/Crypto Tech which over the years took the logical path to computers and laptops.  I dabbled in relational database programming (remember FoxPro before MS owned it?) and did some pretty cool things for the Marines.

At 15 years of serving in the Marines the pay was still not all that (for the field I was in) so I decided to get out and try my hand in real world computing.  I now know I should have stayed the last 5 to retire, but that is the past.  I got out when ARCNET was being replaced with Thin net, and Token Ring was still widely used.  I worked as Senior Field Service tech for a year working PCs of the 8088 kind, Apple MACs that cost consumers too much even back then.  I Serviced Novell 3.11 and Windows For Workgroups.

I was called into one (large) company so often that they hired me on one day.  I ended up working for that company for 18 years.  When I signed on Thick net was the backbone that tied it all together.  We had terminals that ran some self inflicted groupware product. We had VAXes for financials, Bayan Vines and OS/2 throughout the building. Right off they wanted Bayan (on token ring) gone and the clients to use Windows For Workgroups and to connect to the internet (some new back then) via an OS/2 host…was a real treat.

Bottom line, and anyone working IT in the corporate world for any period of time knows; these corps want Jacks of All Trades.  They want less people to have (hands on) knowledge more technologies.  What does this have to do with me and all the MS mumbo jumbo I post about…Well I pretty much have seen it all.  A lot of what I post will be because I  had to figure it out, out of necessity.  That is the way much of Corp America works; we need this…you go figure out how it works and implement it.

I have implemented and supported everything from WFW to Windows 8, Windows NT to Server 2012, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS SQL, MS BizTalk, MOM 2005 to SCOM/SCCM 2012. Oh and then they would want me to save them when it came to Crystal Reports and BAAN.  I’m not great at any one of them, but I could always get the company out of a jam.

BTW: I am also a Xbox Live Ambassador, so if you have any Xbox questions give me a shout 🙂  I was on the original Xbox and the Xbox Live Betas (back around 2002).


One thought on “About

  1. appreciate your posts, would like to hear a little more about how you use the surface pro, what you have is good enought to deserve a category to collect them for the reader. I guess there are a more folks like me that haven’t been able to pull the plug on getting one. Personally I would like an 8gb model but I am guessing memory was sacraficed for battery life

    Have you ever attached an external monitor and used the surface and pen as a pad to edit your photos, I believe I read somewhere that was do-able.

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