Not getting your Windows 10 Upgrade?


So here we are sitting around patiently waiting for that notification from Microsoft that our Free Windows 10 upgrade is ready to install.  I had several PCs in my house that I had “reserved” my copy.  My Surface Pro 3 was on the Preview program so that had the final build, but for the rest I’ve been waiting and waiting.

So I says to myself, “self, it really can’t take that long to roll out”.  I started to play around.  I wondered if it might have something to do with the updates on my current OSs.  I rdp’d in to my Home Server and went Windows Update.  I needed a couple, so I installed them.  I ran Check for Updates and it found a couple more.  Installed those and checked for updates again.  Guess what? More updates were.  After the forth time I checked and installed updates I ran check for updates again and to my surprise it said your Windows 10 upgrade is ready.

I have 3 more PCs that have been waiting patiently, I wonder? I got on each of those one at a time and did the whole Check/Install update over and over as I did on the first.  Each one eventually came up to “Your upgrade is ready” and I upgraded each from there.  Coincidence? Who knows, but if you have been waiting for your upgrade notification; it might just be worth trying.

First things first (especially if you are on a slow internet connection)

Microsoft has put a (not talked about much) nifty little feature in Win 10 that can carry some of the burden when it comes to Windows Update and multiple pcs in your house. It is pretty cool in that one pc on your local network downloads the updates and the others on your network can grab them from there.  What may not be so cool is the default setting. By default you are not only sharing with computers on your local network, but sharing back with the internet.  Your neighbor could be getting Windows Updates your place…or something like that.  Even thought MS says that it is totally safe; my thoughts are one mans downstream is another’s upstream.

So go in there and set it up for your local pcs or even off.  If your generous with your bandwidth leave it as is.

Click the Windows button and choose Settings


Choose Update and Security


Choose Advanced options


Choose How Updates are delivered

Choose the options that make sense for your network.


I am setting mine to On with PC’s on my local network, in hopes that my Wired PC does the Downloading and my Wireless PC grab updates from that wired PC.


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