Windows 10 Start button

Start Menu

Again, the Windows 10 Start menu is looking more like the mess we had in Windows XP, but it is a whole lot cleaner. At first I was thinking “Great, three steps backwards for those XP users who wouldn’t move on to the next century”; however, I have found that the Windows 10 Start menu list to be quite usable.

If I am looking for a program, app or document that I have no idea where it is at on my computer; I’m going to use Cortana. For me it is a faster way of getting there. As with windows 8; I could start typing in the Search (now Cortana) field, my app would come to the top of the list (selected) and I would hit enter to launch it. Now in windows 10, I can say “Hey Cortana” to wake her up and then “Open Notepad” to launch the notepad program.

That being said here is a quick look at the Start Menu in Windows 10. This is Desktop mode with keyboard and mouse attached.

Clicking the Start button we are presented with a list of our Most used programs and apps. This list can be modified to add or remove items in the list. The first time you click the start button MS is going to throw in some things they believe you may like to use.

Clicking on All apps brings up a list of all programs, apps and associated files on our computer.

The All apps List, much like XP’s All programs, is an alphabetical list of everything installed on our computer. Items in the list with a folder icon are obviously folders; clicking the down arrow to the right of these will expand the contents of those folders.

We can quicken our search by clicking any of the letters in the list.

When we click a letter in the list we are presented the alphabet and some symbols. Clicking a letter will jump to that letter in the list. This is not a filter, we are taken to the first item in the list for the character that we clicked.

Tinkerer’s Dream button

Right clicking on the Start button is still the Tinkerer or IT person’s best friend. Here we can get to all those system modifying programs quickly.

All in all, the Start Menu in Windows 10 is nice, clean and functional. Personally I will pinning my apps as live tiles and using Cortana to get around; but I can see using the All apps from time to time.


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