Surface Pro power dongle lesson learned.

Just a real quick tip…

Be careful how you handle the dongle end of the power cord for the Surface while it is plugged in.

My Surface Pro power supply, which I have used everyday since February 2013, was acting up the other day.  I found the wires had broken inside the shielding near to where the magnetic plug attaches to the Surface.  It is kind of an odd location where the power plug attaches to the Surface Pro and it does put undue stress on the cable, especially when on the Kickstand. Or if you are like me carelessly moving it around with it plugged in while in the easy chair :).

The plug itself is sort of rugged with a nice little ring that is supposed to provide stress relief (it actually only protects the soldered end of the wires).  It is when we have the Surface is on the Kickstand and the power plugged in that puts the wire in a not natural position.

Day after day of being plugged in while on the Kickstand, or I would have my Surface leaning against something on the table while charging, has taken it’s toll on the wire.

What I learned:

  • If I am using my Surface (Pro) on the Kickstand; Just don’t even have it plugged in.
  • If I am charging my Surface (Pro); have it laying flat so the cable doesn’t have that unnatural bend like the kickstand causes.

Even though you would think we shouldn’t have to be this careful, but we do.  A little under a year and the constant wiggling of the wire and mine broke.

I did get mine apart.  Don’t attempt unless you are familiar with this stuff!  I trimmed back my wires beyond the breakage and re-soldered and charging is now fine.  Not pretty but I don’t have to immediately get a new brick.

Note: When the Surface connector end is broke the USB connector in the brick does not work (my phone wasn’t charging) either.

You can see where my wires broken…The red wire broke completely inside it’s sleeve and even that big old ground wire was just hanging on by a couple strands.

Broken Surface Pro power connector


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