Xbox One, MS Surface and a HomeServer oh my…

I know I have already threw a post up here today but this you learn something new every day is too good to pass on.  Over on the Xbox Wire, the staff posted a video that covers Casting your Surface to the Xbox One with a Miracast device, Using OTA digital (local off the air) on the Xbox One to watch TV (using Media Center or an OTA digital Convertor/PVR) and then a really quick blip on playing your Videos that reside on your Home Server. Say What?  We have been hounding Microsoft to make it so we can stream from our Home Servers.

The video is here: and it offers some really cool things to do with your Xbox One/Surface (any tablet).

The thing that I got out of it immediately was that I could get to my Home Server (a Windows 8 Pro w/Media Center computer) Recorded TV and Videos without having to buy some sort of extra device or wait for the Xbox One update.  If you have an Xbox Box One, a Windows 8 tablet and a Home Server (Windows 8) and your network is set up properly there is a quick means to watch that recorded TV and Videos on your Xbox One from the Home Server.

My Home Server has a HD Tuner in it and it records OTA local channels.  The recorded shows are saved in a folder on the Home Server.  With the Xbox 360 we have a Media Center Extender that let up stream from a device on our network.  We do not have the Extender on the Xbox One yet.

This is a bit of a work around but works without spending any $$$ or waiting for the update to the Xbox One.

  1. Xbox One, TV, and Home Theatre are all on.
  2. On my Surface I RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) into my Home Server.
    1. Launch Windows Media Player (not Media Center).
    2. Browse to my Recorded TV folder.
    3. Right click on the Video I want to watch, choose Play To and select my Xbox One from the list.
    4. Click the Play button that appears and wala…
  3. The show starts playing on my Xbox One using the Xbox Videos app.
  4. To get out of it I just say “Xbox go home”.
Media Play on Home Server

Voice commands and gestures work.  So I can pause, rewind etc while I am watching the show.  Just thought I’d share.  Watch the linked Video, there is some really cool stuff there.

Oh and Say it isn’t so … Streaming Music from the Home Server works this way using Media Player as well…Woo Hoo.  It does open in Xbox Music but plays just peachy.  So all the pieces are there we just don’t have an app for the Xbox One to grab our home server stuff.  That’s Ok I don’t mind using my Surface as a remote.


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