Xbox One Set up/Home Theatre

Woo hoo…On the 22nd (launch day) late in the afternoon UPS finally showed up with my Xbox One Day One edition.

I will get into my Home Theatre setup below, but as designed; basically you hook up your Cable box HDMI to the Xbox One (it is clearly labeled where to plug in) and the Xbox One out goes to your HDTV via another HDMI.  This is a basic set up that everything just works.

As you go through set up you tell the Xbox what Cable box, who your provider is and what zip code you live in.  You also tell Xbox What HDTV you have and set Volume Control for the TV.

Giving this information You should be able to use the “Xbox On or Xbox Off” voice command to Turn on/off the Xbox, Cable box and TV. “OneGuide” with your local channels will be set up for you.

Once your components are plugged in, plug in your network cable and you are ready to turn it on.

Out of the box there was an update to the Xbox One, which I understand, that took my almost 30 minutes.  The first part of the update there will be a thermometer on the screen letting you know how far along it it.  The Xbox will reboot. Mine went to a black screen that took a while to come back up.  DO NOT panic, let it go through the steps.  I am one those OMG it froze kind of guys after something appears to be doing nothing for a short period of time…let it come back up (it may be almost another 5 minutes with nothing on the screen).

After the update my controller lost its mind (or it may have come that way); my controller was not talking to my Xbox One.  Again, if this happens DO NOT panic.  Just like Xbox 360 there is a way to sync (assign) your controller to the Console.  On the front of the Controller is a little button that is marked ((( and on the left side of the console close to where the disk goes in to the unit is a silver button with the same ((( marking.  Press the ((( button on the console and immediately press the ((( button on the controller, once synced this should get the two on the same page.  There was no mention of this in the quick set up guide.

Once I got my controller talking to the Xbox One the set up was pretty straight forward. You go through your time zone, cable box,  and TV set up.  Finally you log in with your Microsoft Account and the home screen is set up for you.  The Kinect will find you in the room and associate you to that account.  This is useful for signing in and a whole lot more.

Then the fun begins.  There is a tad bit of a learning curve if you have had an Xbox 360 for as many years as I have.

My Set Up is a bit different than the basic “Dorm Theatre” in that I have a A/V Receiver in the Mix.

  1. Cisco Cable box (Time Warner) HDMI > Xbox One (labeled Cable/Sat HDMI)
  2. Xbox One (to TV HDMI) > Pioneer Elite VSX-42 (Game (in) HDMI)
  3. Pioneer Elite VSX-42 (to TV HDMI) > Sharp Aquos LED TV

Being set up this way, as far as I can tell I am going to lose the ability to use the “Xbox On/Off” voice command to turn on all 4 devices.  The command will turn the Xbox/Cable box on or off but because the Xbox is going through an AV Receiver it cannot pass the command to the TV.  For me this is not a show stopper because I use a Logitech Harmony Remote to control activities for my Home Theatre.  This was a quick set up and if I read more about my receiver I might be able to pass back through to the TV???

My Harmony Remote (or your Cable box remote) addresses a concern of some in that the Xbox OneGuide does not give access to recorded shows on the cable box (DVR).  Know that TV on the Xbox One is just HDMI pass through.  When you are watching TV on the Xbox One is really just showing what the cable box is dishing out.  Xbox (OneGuide) does HDMI CEC to communicate with the cable box to do things like changing channels and what not.  They may address the recorded DVR shows not visible in the guide in the future but until then while watching TV we can use the cable box remote or in my case my Harmony remote.

I have actually programed my Harmony Remote to take the place of the controller (except for gaming).  Logitech Library does have the Xbox One in it now so when you add it as a device you will get some of the basic functions in activities, but I needed more control of cable box (DVR) and wanted to get around the Xbox home screen without reaching for the controller.  In the image below you can see the physical layout of my remote.  Much of it standard…I use the Number Pad (2, 4, 6 and 8) for Xbox up, left, right and down on the home screen and Enter (num pad) as Select.

Keep in mind the Voice commands work very well and will get you through all of this (minus the Recorded DVR shows) but there are times that you need to be quiet in the house.  So when needed I just reach of my remote.  I haven’t really tried gestures yet so can’t give an opinion one way or another on those.


All in all, my experience with the Xbox One has been an exciting on.  This is an insane technology toy.  If there is any part of Xbox One you would like to know more about; give me a shout as I have fuddled my way through most of the system.


7 thoughts on “Xbox One Set up/Home Theatre

  1. sean ob

    Hey awesome review! Really makes me wish my xbox worked! I have had a huge headache setting up my system. I got the day one xbox one on the 22nd, and immediately hooked it up with the included hdmi to my Pioneer vsx 42 with an audiovox hdmi cable running from my Pioneer to my Panasonic 65GT50. I was not able to get a consistent video connection and only able to get intermitant 720p resolution. I would get audio with a white fuzzy picture. I would have to power cycle the system over and over again to get the connection to take. When the connection worked they system worked and I could play games and watch movies in 720p with 7.1 surround (not ideal but a start) I swapped out all cables reset my reciever and still same problem. After many hours of Xbox and Pioneer tech support Microsoft sent me a replacement console which arrived today 12/4/13. I am having the same problems, after 6 transfers within Microsoft phone suport today I was switched to a hardware supervisor who informed me that the xbox currently doesnt not support using a receiver as a pass through and I will have that exact problem as they work on an update with no time table for release. He said the only way to connect currently is a direct connect hdmi to the tv from the xbox and to use optical audio cables from the xbox to the Pioneer receiver to obtain the surround sound. I have all my components on a rack in another room and use a hidden 16 ft hdmi to my one input on the tv. So I will have to snake other hdmi to the tv from the component rack and a short jump from the optic cable from the xbox to the receiver. Is this how your is set up or do you use as a pass through? I am cringing at buying another 16 high quality hdmi cable if this support guy was directing me to the obvious instant fix rather than helping me with a more detailed helpful answer. Thanks for the help!

  2. Bummer and sorry to hear of the issues. Strange they would say it does not work with A/V Receivers when in setup you are asked what receiver you are using. They didn’t have Pioneer vsx-42 but had something close to it… I chose vsx425. Volume commands on the xbone are for TV which sucks but the Harmony remote does that.

    My hdmi cables are just mid grade RocketFish…I have HDMI Out of my Cisco set-top-box into the Xbox One, HDMI out from the Xbox goes into the Game HDMI of the Pioneer Receiver, HDMI Out from the Pioneer goes into HDMI 1 one the Sharp HDTV. I was hoping for “passive” hdmi pass-through (Xbox off and still watch TV) but it is active only on the Xbox one. My Xbox run quite cool so I guess not an issue having it on all the time.

  3. Hi. Very interesting read! Thanks. Trying desperate to get my Cisco set-top box connected via manual remote control entry. Do you know what remote code has been registered for your Cisco cable box, please? To find the remote code, one can go to “Settings” -> “TV & OneGuide” -> “Troubleshooting” -> “Enter device remote code” -> “Enter Cable Or Satellite Box Remote Code”. Read (don’t change) the remote code which is listed for the existing setup. Press back (B) a few times to back out without altering the existing setup. A great thanks in advance!

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