Windows 8 and DLNA (home theatre)

So you have yourself a nifty new A/V Receiver that has an Ethernet Jack in the back and States it is DLNA capable.  You have a poor man’s media server (Windows 8 Pro as a HomeServer) dedicated to serving up tunes, photos and what not.  Now what?

What is DLNA? Digital Living Network Alliance® is an Organization that is getting all our devices talking with each other (or something like that).  You can read more here:

We sit down at a Windows 8 computer on our home network and log in with our MS account; all kinds of cool eco-things happen.  If we are in a Homegroup or at least on the same IP subnet, the computer we are sitting at will find media devices that we can Share with (allow streaming of Music/Photos etc.). DLNA acts the same way but more about that later.

Let’s Stream music from a HomeServer to a DLNA Compatible AV Receiver.  I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-42 which Streams Internet Radio, Pandora and is DLNA capable. I use it when I want just tunes streaming (don’t feel like streaming via Media Center through my Xbox 360).

Set up the AV Receiver (network configuration)

So we have the Receiver hooked up to our home network via Ethernet and it is plugged in to the TV via HDMI so we can configure it. We go through the Receivers network setup to obtain an IP address (or assign a static IP).  We are done setting up the receiver.  All receivers have a different interface so I won’t get into that here.  You are on your own grasshopper.

Note: If you have a bunch of electronic gadgets in your living room and are not using a Logitech Harmony Remote to control them you are probably doing too much work.  I could not live without mine.

On to the Computer that we will Stream From:

We see what Multimedia Devices we can share with:

On the Start Screen just start typing Devices and Printers and click the link that appears in the results.

The Devices and Printers dialog opens; under Multimedia Devices you will see the Devices that were found on your home network that you can share with…this doesn’t mean that you are sharing with them.  We set up what devices we “Allow” to stream from a computer under Media Player.

Below is my Devices and Printers.  There you can see my Pioneer Elite VSX-42 (AV Receiver).  Note that my Receiver serves up a webpage that I can browse to access settings.  Much easier entering information that way over doing things via the remote.  My Xbox is there, it is grayed out because it is not on.

There is (2) entries for livingroom-pc.  Each one is for a different MS Account that can log in to that PC.  Meaning I could set it up to allow my MS account to stream from this computer, but not allow my Wife’s MS account.  Just an example.


We can see our AV receiver but we are most likely not allowing the receiver to stream from the computer that we are sitting at.

  • On the Start Screen type Media Player and click the link in the results.  Media Player will open.
  • From the Stream drop down menu, choose More streaming options…


On the Dialog that opens we Allow what devices (that appeared in Multimedia Devices) we want to be able to Stream music/photos from This PC.

If you have media all over the place, as I do, you will want to go through these same steps for each pc that has media on it.  Again, this is a good reason to set up a poor man’s homeserver.

Also in the case of a homeserver you can have multiple people to log in to it with different MS Accounts with different music libraries, in this case you need to “Allow” streaming for each MS account by logging in to the PC with each account and going through the steps.

Pretty simple.  Your MS account will appear Name your media library, this is the name that appears on your DLNA receiver. Check the Devices that you want to “Allow” (authorize in DLNA terms) to stream from the computer your are setting up.


Like Windows 8; DLNA devices find other DLNA capable devices, like PCs, on your home network.  If you do not “Allow” streaming for a particular PC when you run the Media Service on the Receiver it will display the PC but will note that it is Unauthorized and you won’t be able to stream from that PC.

On my Pioneer when I go to Media Server (DLNA) as an input I get a folder lists of all my media pcs.

[Computer Name]:[MS Account]


[Computer Name]:[MS Account]:Not Authorized

Clicking on a computer folders for Music, Photos and Videos.  I choose what I want to stream and I’m grooving Smile


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