Save your Surface Images to your SkyDrive

If you are as old as I, you have been through many different Household Inventory programs that didn’t work or companies quit supporting them as OSes changed.  We could write up a quick MS Access database; the challenge was to do something quick and simple my Pop could use.  He has been through the trying to enter items into a database but that became overwhelming.  He does like to take pictures of his household Items but then you have to get them off the compact flash and put them somewhere.  I’m thinking that is a pretty good idea; Images of your household inventory is better than nothing recorded at all.  Hey, we could come back later and enter serials and what not into the EXIF of the images if we wanted to.

Why not walk around with a MS Surface, snap pictures with the camera and have it put the pics directly in the SkyDrive?  Like Windows 8 Phone the Surface can save images that you capture directly to your SkyDrive.

Set up the Surface to save Camera Images (or Video) to your SkyDrive.

From the Charms menu choose Settings

Slide in from the right of the screen, or hover your mouse cursor over one of the right side of the display corners.

Click/Tap on Change PC Settings

Charms > Settings > Change PC Settings

On the PC Settings screen that opens; Click/Tap on SkyDrive.
On the SkyDrive screen Click/Tap on Camera Roll.

PC Settings > SkyDrive > Camera Roll

On the Camera Roll screen choose whether you want images to saved automatically to your SkyDrive or what quality images if you do.  Depending on how much space you have on your SkyDrive should determine if you want “Good” or “Best” quality.

Run around and take grab some images.  (use the camera app on your Surface)

Like Windows 8 phone your Surface will save the images to a folder in your SkyDrive called “SkyDrive Camera Roll“, I have not found a place where we can change this.  So if you are doing something like my home inventory scenario, you will want to get to your SkyDrive and move your images. You are going to want to manage this folder no matter what you are doing with them.

Where your Surface images are saved

The SkyDrive App (metro)

The SkyDrive app is pretty cool for accessing you SkyDrive but not an effective way to manage folders and images.  We can delete, copy, cut and do some other simple things but not really in a way we are used to.

SkyDrive App (metro)

So for me; I prefer to browse to the SkyDrive via Windows Explorer.  Here I can create folders, manipulate files/images in a manner that I am used to.  For my home inventory (images) scenario I created a Household folder on my SkyDrive.  Expand the SkyDrive hive and select the SkyDrive Camera Roll.  I can now select multiple images (easily) and drag them to the Household folder. Badabing…just like that

Access SkyDrive via Windows File Explorer

Note: Images stored to your SkyDrive (your computer as well) will start with your Computer name or WP for Windows Phone.

I think I can get pop through this 🙂



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