Windows 8.1 Metro Apps do not close (as they did in 8.0)

Well here we are again; If you are like me and do not read everything about updates to OSes, apps or other useful things, it will catch up.  I do the quick glimpse on the net to see what major things have changed and that is that.  Who has time to read about all the changes that everyone is making all the time?

Step back to my Windows 8.1 update.

The first thing I noticed after the Windows 8.1 update; was every time I opened (metro) IE that all the tabs and sites I previously had open were all there.  I said to myself “Self, why would they do that”? Then blew it off.

After few days and bunch of tweaks, my computer started behaving a little badly with a legacy program I have.  So I headed over to trusty Task Manager to see what is going on; What the heck? All my apps (and I know I closed them) are lurking in memory.  Looking into it a little deeper I find that MS has changed the way apps close between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

In the past we would close an app by grabbing it at the top of the screen and dragging it off the bottom.  That still works BUT in Windows 8.1 when you drag an app off the bottom of the screen; It will disappear but it will stay open in memory.  I read this is to keep data fresh to those apps and gives on an instant feel.  Hmmm… It might be ok for IE I guess.

So if you haven’t visited Task Manager since updating to Windows 8.1 you may want to go over and have a looksee.

On the Start screen: Just start typing Task Manager and you will see the link or on Desktop mode right click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager.   If you have been dragging your apps off the bottom of the screen, you will see what is running even after you have closed them.  Note that you can close Apps from Task Manager by right clicking on them and choosing End Task.


To Permanently (out of memory) close a Metro App in Windows 8.1 we can:

  • Press and hold Alt+F4 (the quickest when on a keyboard)


if doing it by Touch/Mouse:

  1. Drag the App from the top of the screen towards the bottom (Do not drag it off the bottom of the screen)
  2. Wait (do not let go of your mouse button or take your finger off the screen) a second.

You will see the mini App flip and then disappear.  If it slides off the bottom or you do not see it flip, it is probably still in memory.


as mentioned above you can close apps by going to Task Manager, right click on the app you want to close and choosing End Task. 

So I’m guessing I have to do a whole lot more reading on these update thingies or keep finding out the hard way 🙂


2 thoughts on “Windows 8.1 Metro Apps do not close (as they did in 8.0)

  1. Hey, thanks again! I knew the apps stayed open in memory when just dragged to the bottom, and about the possibility to close them with Alt + F4, but was ignorant of the possibility of holding it on the bottom until it “flips” closed. Cool tip! THANKS!

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