Surface Pro, Canon Software – Tethering my 5dMKII

I was cruising the MS forums and ran across a couple people having issues installing the Canon software for their EOS Cameras after upgrading to Windows 8.  So I hooked them up :).  I have Canon DPP, EOS utility and Picture Theme Editor installed on my Surface Pro.  The issue when installing the utilities from the disk that comes with a Canon EOS camera is; They appear to install ok but when you run them you may receive an error stating the software requires a resolution of 1024×768 or Greater.  Even when you know the resolution is much higher than that.  This is more of a work around than a fix; what I found to work was change the display size (not the resolution) on the Surface Pro (Any Windows 8 system actually).

Note: Every Canon EOS camera comes with an EOS Solution Disk.  You must install from the Solution Disk before you can update them with current versions from the Canon site.  I noticed that the EOS Utility was not available for update on the Canon site.  The version I am using is v2.5 from the v19.3 Solution Disk.

In Desktop Mode right click on the Desktop and choose Personalize. In the lower left corner of the dialog that opens click on Display.

or via Control Panel: Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display

Set the “Change the Size of all items” to 100% or 125% and the canon software should work when you attempt to run it.

I actually found other software that would throw the same error when Size of all Items was set 150%.  I believe Paintshop Pro was one of them.

Once you have the EOS Utility installed Tether your camera to the Surface Pro and have some fun.

Note: When you tether the first time some drivers will be installed on your system.

My fish are pretty silly; when they see me they all rush to the front of the aquarium.  So to get shots of them doing what fish do best I tether my cam and shoot from the distance.

Canon 5dMkII tethered to Surface Pro

The EOS Utility is a pretty cool interface.  I set my preferences to save pictures to my SD Card.

The utility allows you to remotely set almost anything you can set on the camera.  I will go to Live View mode so I see what I am shooting.  Compose the shot and tap the shutter button when you are ready and wala.

Screen Cap of Canon EOS Utility on Surface Pro

I shoot RAW with my 5d so I have the EOS Utility set to open the images in DPP (Digital Photo Professional). DPP is my Digital Darkroom where I tweak the Contrast, Sharpness and other aspects of the shot that I need to fine tune.



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