Bulk Keyword (tag) your images in Windows 8 with Windows Explorer.

A lot of times we want to add keywords to our images before we upload to an online photo sharing site.  Most of the time it is easier to keyword before uploading to a site then using the sites interface to keyword.  Here is a simple, built in way to do it using Windows Explorer in Windows 8 (and earlier versions).

This will not keyword Camera RAW files, but most photo editing programs don’t write to RAW either.  Normally they will store information about a RAW file to a sidecar or database.

Select the folder with images you wish to bulk keyword.

  1. Open Windows Explorer. In Desktop mode click on the vanilla folders on the Task bar.
  2. Browse to the folder that has the images you wish to “Keyword”.
  3. On the Ribbon bar click on the View tab.
  4. From Layout click on Extra large icons (large icons works as well)
  5. From Panes click on Details pane to turn it on.  Your EXIF information will appear in the right pane.
  6. Click on the first image in the center pane, then press CTRL+A to select all photos in the folder.
  7. In the Details pane click on Show more details…


Add your Keywords or edit the Title, Author, Comments or Subject fields of the images.

  1. Click in the field to the right of Tags:
  2. Enter your keywords separated with a semi-colon.
  3. Click on the Save button to save the keywords to “all” the images you selected in the middle pane.


When you click Save, the Windows 8 thermometer will appear showing you progress as it writes the information to each file.

That’s all there is too it… are there better ways ($$$)? I’m guessing, but this will get it done in hurry.


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