Just checking in

It’s been a while since posting so I figured I should check in.  It’s been a busy few weeks for me.  I’ve been off in a MS Service Center Configuration Manager 2012 course. Then I got to playing with Hyper-V and MS Server 2012  on my desktop.  If you haven’t seen Server 2012…well get used to the Start screen on your Surface and you are part way there :).

Back to my Surface: Over the past few weeks I have found that I do use my Surface Pro 2/3s the time over my desktop. I end up going back to my desktop to do my big photo editing projects mainly because I have not figured out the best way to run resolutions on the Surface in desktop mode.  I do have Corel Paintshop Pro X5 running on my Surface and it runs great, running PSP at 100% and it gets hard to find my tools.  At 150% the workspace gets pretty small and I end up doing a lot of panning.

Color Calibration: I will say this about the colors on the Surface (at least on my unit).  I broke out my Gretag Macbeth (usb) color calibration device;  the results were that out-of-the-box my unit was nearly spot on for colors, contrast and brightness.  Maybe a slight tweak of brightness.

Flash Update:  Well isn’t that a kick in the shorts?  I originally (and still have) a Surface RT; My  biggest gripe was the way it handled Flash.  We all know that it is going away as HTML5 is the weapon of choice…but we still needed to get to those older sites still using Flash.   One big reason I went to the Surface Pro was so I could manage an older site using Flash.  Then MS releases the Update to allow Flash on Surface RT/Pro…go figure.  It’s all good, as I mentioned; I am doing about 2/3s of my work on the Pro and I couldn’t do that on my Surface RT.

Maybe next up I will look at understanding resolutions on desktop mode, there is still some getting used to there. That and I have picked up a media adapter for my Pro and plugged it into the 60″ LED TV; which is  very  cool but getting resolutions right between the two needs some studying.


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