Here we go again…

It’s been a spell since I have posted.  There are times that we just get caught up in reality and can become quite busy with accomplishing nothing at all :).  Well, it would appear that as of last thursday, I find myself a free agent.

A little catch up first: 

As I had been blogging on Windows 8 and my Surface RT, I can say that I (still) love the thing.  I can go on to report that I have used it every day since purchase.  It has kept me away from doing “work” when I should be Off the clock so to speak.  With a full-blown laptop on my lap, I would tend to check in on work when I shouldn’t.  I would get caught up in fixing something for the company and lose two hours of my life.  Although this is an ok practice if you wish to stay on top of things, be aware most COs are not aware that you perform such acts, nor do they really care.

With the Surface RT without all the fancy VPN connectors (which do work for some modern companies) and “programs” I would use to do my job, I was spared any notion to sneak  an hour or two of extra work.  This was the first best thing about the Surface RT for me.  I keep up on all the people in my “people hub”.  I play my Facebook games and browse the internet (with some Flash and Silverlight limitations).  I have my recipe and timer apps for BBQin’, I follow the Stock Market and have my News Readers.  With SmartGlass, an Xbox and Xbox Live; I play some games, I have watched and participated in polls for the Elections, Oscars and Grammys.  I even got to see those events live well before California time.

Fast forward on to Chapter Two:

Now that I find myself a free agent in the workforce, I have some thinking to do.  As I go do this job seeking thing, do I really want to do this Laptop thing?  Do I want to want to do a tablet or convertible?  In the house I have (3) Laptops and none of them appeal to me.  Loving the form factor of my Surface RT, I start looking at the Surface Pro.

After much debate I did get myself a Microsoft Surface Pro.  Unfortunately a 64Gb model,  but I work in the IT field and I know how to take care of my stuff.

First impressions of Surface Pro:

First up was to pop in an extra 64Gb micro SD card in the unit.

Out of the Box I signed into the Surface Pro with my MS Account…just like that the Pro was nearly an image of my RT model and my Windows 8 Desktop.  Skydrive, People Hub, Mail, Xbox games and music were just ready for me to use.  All the standard apps (Stocks, Weather, News etc.) were all configured with my settings.  Store “Apps” installed on the RT did not automatically install on the Pro but all I had to do is go to the MS Store, click on My Apps to see the Apps that I have installed on all of my Windows 8 devices and choose the ones I wanted to install on the Pro.  Sheesh, that was easy.

Microsoft Office does not come with the Pro as it does on the RT model.  So first up was to install Office. Obviously no DVD drive with either of the Surface models, so I reached into my bag of tricks and plugged in my $30 Toshiba USB R/W DVD drive. I did a full install of Office.  Knowing that I have the 64Gb model and that after a full version of Windows 8 Pro is installed there is only about 26Gb of storage free; I checked the damage in Windows Explorer.  Not bad, I still have 24Gb free.

Canon (Camera) utilities: Sometimes I take purdy pictures and one of the first things I wanted to do was see my Canon 5dMKii tethered to the Surface Pro.  I installed Canon DPP, EOS Utility and Picture Style editor.  I tethered the camera via USB and opened EOS utility and boom…just like down town.  I can control all aspects of my Mkii from the Pro.

One has to be able to make purdy pictures purdier, so one has to have some software to edit with.  I installed Corel Paintshop Pro X5 on the pro.  Checked Windows Explorer again, still hanging around 21GB free so I’m not hurting it too bad.

Note that the Pen that comes with the Surface Pro uses Wacom technology, pressure sensitivity does work with several apps from the MS Store but the drivers are not quite right for Photoshop or Paintshop pro.  I hear that MS/Wacom are working on the drivers now. 

Next up I will install Corel Video Studio Pro X5, Photodex ProShow Producer 5 and Camtasia 7.  I will let you know how I’m doing and how those Programs respond. Also on the 64Gb version there are some defaults that you will want to change to maintain space (once you slap in a 64gb micro SD), I will touch on those as well.

So far I am impressed.  I can have my cake and eat it too.

Like many reviews state; the Surface Pro does get warm when you have it crunching numbers…it is an intel i5 after all and they can put out heat when thinking.  I do notice the heat but it is still tolerable when hand holding the device.


5 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Thomas

    Andy!!! If that Pro doesn’t doesn’t fill the bill, try the Acer Aspire S7 with the i7 processor and dual SSD drives. Love mine.

    Thomas (of the killer Tiger Balm fame)

  2. Under screen resolution settings the Surface Pro has a display setting to “make all items bigger” this changes the size of items/desktop in Desktop mode. Desktop sizes are 100%, 125% and 150%. The default is 150%. I found Canon DPP will not open if set to 150%. It throws an error that the screen must be 1024 or greater. DPP will launch if Desktop size is 100% or 125%.

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