MS Surface: Change your Power Options before you go nuts.

Ok, so I have my popcorn, Xbox 360 fired up and the SmartGlass app running on my Surface. The Avengers is queued up and ready to go…Roll it. Surface on my lap so I can click on the actors and actresses as they pop and read up on them all the while the movie is playing on my big screen. This is pretty cool. So I set the Surface down on the stand next to me to let it do its thing. Thinking to myself I will click on it when needed. A minute goes by and my Surface goes dim and then goes blank… What the heck.

Quickly I go in and look (I know that it is in control panel) at the Power Options and find:

  • While on battery: Dim after 1 minute, and go to sleep after 1 minute.
  • While plugged in: Dim after 1 minute and go to sleep after 1 minute.

Really? Those would be some crazy defaults, but that is the way mine were set. Check and set yours.

I have a touch cover for my Surface and know that I can easily find Control Panel just by pressing Windows Key + X and choosing it from the menu that appears. Not everyone has a touch cover and there must be a somewhat simpler way.

Set your power settings for the way you do things.

Let’s apply what I mentioned yesterday. Use the Search feature to find and launch Power Options. (You can find settings for Display, Users and a whole lot of other things this way)

  1. Swipe your right thumb inward (to the left) to display the Charms menu and tap Search.
  2. In the search field type Power.
  3. On the Search feature tap on Settings.
  4. Choose Edit Power plan from the results on the left of the display.
  5. Change your settings to taste.
  6. Click on Save changes button.

Basically the Control Panel applet for power plan will open in desktop mode. If yours is like mine was, everything is set to go off after on minute whether or not the device is plugged in. Season your options to taste.

BTW: If you are using the Surface without a touch/type cover and not using the Thumb Keyboard…well you should be. We hold this thing like a book and our thumbs lay naturally on the left and right side. The thumb keyboard is made specifically for that. Try it, you may just like it.

When the keyboard is present on the screen tap the keyboard icon near the bottom right. You will be presented with options for full qwerty keyboard, thumb qwerty keyboard or free form writing.


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