How do I close this Windows 8 Metro App?

Before I get to yapping about Metro apps, and before someone goes about clicking on the Metro apps on the Start screen; it is probably a good idea to know how to close the darn things.  It had me miffed the very first time I opened an app.  Most Metro Apps let you right mouse click on the screen to open a ribbon with options on the bottom of the app, but you will never find Close there.  Nor will you ever see an X in the upper right of an app to close it.

Note: I do have a 23” Touch monitor that I am using with Windows 8 CP, but am I a mouse person and support people with mice, so much of my blogging is done on a Desktop with Mouse and Keyboard. Using Windows 8 CP with a touch monitor is similar movements as mouse but a whole different beast to describe.

Metro Apps

Metro Apps always run at full screen. In my reading Metro apps only work at 1024×768 or greater resolutions.  There is no way to make a Metro app work in a portion of the screen.  You can open a new app that essentially suspends and covers the previous app.   The exception to the rule being desktop mode, where an app like Messaging can be “Snapped” to the left or right of the desktop.

You got the App open, now how do you close it?

As simple as this sounds; it took me a day to perfect closing apps. Really.  It is simple but I had to accept the concept first.  Once you get it down it is a quick and painless motion. My first thought was “They really want me to drag from the top of the screen all the way to the bottom”?  It is not as bad as that sounds.

You can close an open Metro App by:

  1. Moving the mouse to the anywhere on the top edge of the screen.  The cursor will almost look like the fingers are grabbing on to the edge.
  2. While on the very top edge; click and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse ALL THE Way to the bottom of the screen.  The Application will get smaller as you drag down, when you see just the top portion of the app peeking out of the bottom of the screen…Let go of the mouse button and Poof…the app is closed.  By closed I mean closed, no longer in memory.  Caput.

Honestly it took practice.  And between you and I , it took even more practice to get it down using the touch monitor.  Same principle; touch the very top edge of the screen and “Flick” downward to close the app. I found that I have to use a fingernail to drag it off the bottom of the screen.

Multiple Apps

We can have multiple Metro apps and the desktop open at the same time.  To open multiple apps we launch the first app from the Start screen.  That app will consume the entire screen.  To open a second Metro app; we hover our mouse pointer over the very bottom left corner of the screen and click the little Start screen that appears.  Back on the Start screen we open our second metro app.   Repeat as necessary.

So how do we switch between apps?

Well, Alt+Tab works as it always has in the various versions of Windows

Alt+Tab to switch between open apps.


How about with the Mouse?

With a mouse we can hover the pointer over the upper left corner of the screen and the First open app will appear.  If we hover over the the upper left corner then move the mouse straight down; a fly out with all open applications will appear on the left of the screen.  The same is true if we hover our mouse over the very bottom left of the screen and move the mouse straight upward. Note: that if your Desktop is open, when we are on the start screen we see the desktop when we hover over the bottom left corner of the screen.

Hover pointer  over Upper or Lower left corner and move up or down to expose all open apps.


With the application panel open we can click on an app to go to that open app or we can right-click on an app and choose Close to Close it.  If we are on the Desktop when we open the app panel and right-click on an application; we will have the option to Snap Left or Snap Right.  Choosing a Snap option will open the application in a column type window to the left or right of the Desktop.  This is useful if we want the Messaging app visible (allows us to chat) while working with a program on the desktop.

Do you want to know what apps are open and what they are doing in memory?  There is a little science in every show Smile.

  1. Get to our Start screen
  2. Start typing the word Task
  3. The Search screen opens and we see Task Manager in the results column, just press enter to launch the Task Manager (or we could click on it).

Under Apps we see both open Metro apps and programs.  Here we can end task just like we did in Windows 7.


Now we know how to close them…let us talk about a few of them.


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