Computer is on, how the heck do I shut Windows 8 down.

Another immediately noticeable change (and much discussed) is how to shut Windows 8 down.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the Start bubble (orb) is missing.  The first time I went to shut Windows 8 down, I was immediately at a loss. Like me, it seem that lots of folks don’t read the manuals before trying the new OS as there is much chatter the missing Shut Down option.

With Windows 7 we could click the Start bubble and the fly out would have the option to Shut Down, Restart, Switch User, Log off, Lock and Hibernate.  Not so with Windows 8.  No Fly out, no shutting down that way.  It is there it is presented to us differently with Windows 8.

To shut Windows 8 down we can bring up the “Charm” bar.  To bring up the Charm bar, just hover your mouse over the bottom right corner of the desktop or metro dashboard.  the Charm bar will fly in from the right.

On the Charm bar click on the settings Charm.

Windows 8 Charm bar


Click on Power icon.

Windows 8 settings panel


Choose Sleep (hibernate), Shut down or Restart depending on your need.

Another Shortcut I found was to use Windows Key + I , then press up arrow to select power then Enter to shut down.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete works as it always has, giving you a Power button to Shut Down, Restart or Sleep and options to Lock, Logoff, Switch User or Launch Task Manager.

Create a shortcut to shut down.

TechRepublic has a very good article on creating shortcuts in Windows 8.  How do I shut down Windows 8 covers creating a Shortcut to shutdown (Hibernate, Lock, Log off etc.) Windows 8, change the Icon for the shortcut and pin the shortcut to the Metro Dashboard and/or the taskbar.

Lock or Sign out of the computer.

Ok, I can shut it down now but what if I want to Lock the system or Log out?

That is pretty simple.  As above Ctrl+Alt+delete still gives us the option or On the Metro Dashboard you will see the logged in user in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on the Photo and you will be presented with several options:

Lock account will lock (password protect) your current session and the computer will go to the log in screen. Or you can sign out completely.  You can also switch to another user (requires password) if someone else is logged into the computer.


This whole shut down thing is a mystery if like me, you skipped researching it at all.


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