Where’s My Stinking Start Bubble

Metro Dashboard (Start screen)

Right off after a clean install of Windows 8 (CP) and booting into the OS and signing in for the first time you will land on the Start screen.  Whoa…what the heck.  A whole bunch of tiles on the screen.  This is the Metro dashboard or Start menu.  Clicking a tile will launch the application associated with it.  I played around with several that were pretty cool and I will talk about those later…but my first thought was I got to get to something I recognize.   I see a tile that says Desktop so I click it.

Whew, the familiar Windows 7 desktop

Well at least at first glance it looked familiar.  I wanted to look around under the hood, so I went to right mouse click on the Start bubble and boom…it is not there.  No Windows Start bubble?  No All Programs? Are you serious?

Windows 7 Start bubble


Having supported Windows PCs for so many years I am accustomed to either right clicking the Start bubble to choose Manage Computer or Clicking the Start bubble and entering the utility that I wish to run in the Search Programs and Files box.  Without the Start bubble I could do neither.   This was my day one kick in the shorts.

The Metro Dashboard (New start screen) had a limited amount of Tiles (applications) and I couldn’t find how to actually manage anything on this computer.  Oh, bother.  This probably goes back to that I read the manuals last thing, but scouring the internet I found that if you hover your mouse in the bottom left corner of the screen that a tiny version of the Start Screen will appear.  If you click on it you will be taken to the Start Screen with all the tiles.

Windows 8 hovering mouse over bottom left corner


Alt+Tab still works to switch.  It took me a day to try a right-click on that little Icon that flies out and find all those Management Apps (and more) that I am used to.   Almost everything I want to manage a computer is there.

Hover mouse over lower left of scree and right-click on Start that appears.


Neat, but where is my Search Programs and files box to quickly find/launch things?  I hate to admit it but I sort of gave up on this and went off and played with other cool things in Windows 8.  I’m a week into playing, I have the Start screen up on the monitor…the cat steps on my keyboard.  The screen changes to a search dialog … whoomp there it is.   Thanks Bridgett, I have been looking for that.  Way better than the Search Programs and Files dialog as it is a full screen representation of what I am looking for.  The Start Screen acts as a dashboard to launch apps by clicking on the tiles. But also acts as Search Programs and files when you just start typing what you are looking for.  Note to self, self reading manuals and readmes are not such a bad idea.

These two functions had me panicked right from the get go, but now that I know how to get to them I can move about in Windows 8 quickly.

Next up…Where are my stinking Apps?


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