…now for something completely different. Windows 8 (CP)

Yes, I take lots of pictures but I am finding it hard to blog about them at this point.  The old if you having nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all syndrome.  So instead of not doing anything at all I think I will blog what I do know about.  Technology.

First a bit about me so you know where I’m coming from and why I can talk about Windows 8.

Back when I was 14ish I become interesting in electronics when I built my own guitar amp from components bought at Radio Shack. Yes RS sold more than toys in the old days.  I quickly moved on to building my own test equipment (o’scope, multimeter and signal generator) all part of a mail order electronics course to build a 27″ color TV from ground up. That was fun.  My senior year in HS I was getting extra credit by taking Electronics classes at the local community college.

Then one day in the later days of HS, a Marine Corps recruiter says “Have I got a job for you”.  I can guarantee you Ground Radio Electronics.  So I took my entrance exam, raise my hand and proceded to bootcamp.  At graduation they tell us our first assignment; because I scored high on math, electrical and mechanical portions the ‘Corp’ had a better job for me…Teletype Technician.  What the heck is a Teletype I asked myself.  Needless to say the ‘Corps’ sent me off to a year and a half of electronics, teletype and cryptographic schools.

We’re coming up on the early ’80s, I’m a bit of a player so I pick me up one of those ColecoVision (because I know it is already rumored that it would expand to become a computer) playing games on it wasn’t quite enough so I started reverse engineering it so I could do my own thang.  The “Adam” expansion came out with CP/M 2.2 and Smart Basic.  I started learning Assembly, Machine Code and messing with basic programming.  From there it was a Tandy 1000 (Radio shack also sold computers in the early days) with DOS, on to a Gateway 2000 386sx 16 (quality product from Souix City) with Windows 1.

Meanwhile, back in the Marines me and couple of my kids were coming up with a way to integrate some shiny new laptops the Marines picked up.  The “Corps” was not quick to embrace the technology and did not want computers on their backbone just yet.  We came up with a way to make the laptops talk to the Teletypes making life easier on the operators.

In my 15 years in the Marines I watched (and repaired) communications go from Teletype to Computers of today.

After leaving the military (the pay was better on the outside) I became a Senior Field Service engineer for a bay area company, working on everything from Novell 3.11, Windows, WFW to Apple Macs. After a couple years of running my car into the ground. I started working for the company I work for today.

Right as I came on, the company wanted to migrate from a VAX and Banyan environment to a Windows for Workgroups environment.  What a treat that was as this was 18 years ago, computers were 486 models, TCP/IP was not part of Windows and the list goes on.

Through my years I have worked with every flavor of Windows imaginable, except for Windows ME.  That just sounded like an adminstrative nightmare from the get go.

There are things that you become accustomed to…and change can be a smack in the face.  Going from Windows NT to Windows 2000 was a treat on the User Interface side.  Moving from Server 2003 to Server 2008 had some suprises…

…but one’s first look at Windows 8 after using Windows 7 for so many years is shocking.  Don’t get me wrong, it is really cool and performs better than predecessors.  Just know there is a learning curve if you don’t know the secrets.  They may not be secrets at all, I am just one of those people who read the manual last.

Hopefully, I can point out some of the really cool areas where people could get lost on their first day with Windows 8.  That what I hope to do with this blog.


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