Not getting your Windows 10 Upgrade?


So here we are sitting around patiently waiting for that notification from Microsoft that our Free Windows 10 upgrade is ready to install.  I had several PCs in my house that I had “reserved” my copy.  My Surface Pro 3 was on the Preview program so that had the final build, but for the rest I’ve been waiting and waiting.

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Windows 10 Start button

Start Menu

Again, the Windows 10 Start menu is looking more like the mess we had in Windows XP, but it is a whole lot cleaner. At first I was thinking “Great, three steps backwards for those XP users who wouldn’t move on to the next century”; however, I have found that the Windows 10 Start menu list to be quite usable.

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Windows 10 (Desktop Mode) Primer

It is coming; Just around the corner (July 29ish) Windows 10 will be released for public consumption. For a limited period of time it will be free to (legal copies of) Windows 7 and 8.1 users. You may have even already have had a little windows icon pop up on the taskbar (down by the clock) that if you click it; you are asked if want to reserve your copy of Windows 10. I have been running the Windows 10 (preview) on my Surface Pro 3 for quite some time now. The Preview program is cool in that Microsoft is taking feedback and making changes based on that feedback.

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